Natures Lace

Natures Lace

Peg Kivi

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Natures Lace

Watercolour  -      10"X12 "            (framed 21.5"X 17.75 ")


Peg Kivi is interested in the evocative blending of rich colour and subtle incorporation of repetition and texture.  Her watercolours are loose, subtle and atmospheric, her acrylics are layered, rich and textural.  Peg Kivi's work has developed from drawing and etching to painting.  

 Creating art is a both exhausting and relaxing at the same time.  It can be frustrating and rejuvenating.  Our environments are enhanced by intelligent design, composition and colour. 

 Peg Kivi has a Specialized Honours degree in Fine Art and has received two Arts Council Awards.