Sandlewood & Rose -2 piece br/wh Soy Candle set - wrapped

Sandlewood & Rose -2 piece br/wh Soy Candle set - wrapped

Tina Stewart

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Sandlewood  is a scent used to promote a calming, woody environment (like taking a walk in the woods). It is also used to help emotional balance. Rose is used to promote connetivity, romance and uplifting . 

This is a hand poured 100% soy candle in a decorative reusable tin. Soy wax is a natural renewable product that is 100% biodegradable. Soy wax burns slowly and evenly so candles last longer. They burn clean and produce little to no smoke. It has a lower melting point than paraffin. If you find yourself with a soy wax spill, it can easily be cleaned up with soap and water. If your candles start to smoke, trim the wick 1/4 inch from the wax.

The burn time is approximately 10+ hours for the 2.5 oz candles and

20 t hours foe 4.4 oz candles.

Packaged as a set with a large and small matching containers.