Nancy Pequegnat

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Nancy Pequegnat

Artist Bio

Nancy Pequegnat was born in Toronto in 1962. 

 She loved art from the time she could hold a pencil. 

Nancy is a self-taught artist. Art has always been her main form of expression; because of this she has used it to express darkness and joy, grief, awe, whimsy, and everything in-between. 

Nancy had a mural business shortly after moving to Sarnia in 1995. She painted a doctor’s office, children’s rooms, kitchens, a store, a public pool area, and one of the Dream Home rooms. 

Nancy was also was heavily involved in fine art Miniatures, using woodworking, painting, fabrics, clay and many other materials, and participated in shows in Toronto and the Cambridge area. 

Since then, Nancy has decided to move away from miniatures and gone  back to focusing almost exclusively on painting what inspires her, keeping it as a form of personal expression. She doesn’t want to stick to one style or type of art, but wants to constantly explore, grow, play and challenge her abilities. 

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